NeoMallers Portal

NeoMallers Portal 10.3

This program offers services like shop stock management and counter service
10.3 (See all)

Private, Multi-profile system

Switching mall spots? Don't let your current mall data go to waste! Simply create a new profile and you're ready to go. None of your mall data is stored on our servers. Everything you input into the portal is available to YOU only.
Easy to use
The Built-in tutorial system gets you started right away. The tooltips within the application can help familiarize you with the key features of the application. Simply hold your mouse over each part!
Reliable, Compact & fast!
Because NeoMallers Portal runs directly from your computer, you no longer have to worry about server downtimes, lag, etc. It also only uses 6 megabytes of hard disk space. That's just a bit more than one MP3 file (4-5MB) !
Calculate both sales & profits
NeoMallers portal provides advanced tracking of profits via copy and paste. Don't just estimate your profits - know it! In addition, this data can be ranked by sales or profits- Which days were your best?

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